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About Our HOA

Keeping our community safe and well-maintained benefits all of us. Many HOA's are professionally managed, for which homeowners pay significant management fees. Our Association is managed entirely by your neighbors who volunteer their time to our community. This helps keep our Association's dues affordable to all of us.

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The Magnolias

HOA Projects

Completed Projects

Here are the completed projects for the Magnolias HOA for 2023.

The Association is responsible for maintaining the common sewer lines that serve multiple units. Individual lateral lines—those serving just one unit—are the responsibility of each homeowner.

The city of Mill Valley website explains the city’s sewer lateral ordinance and the city’s requirements for sewer lateral compliance, inspections and fees. The city’s Cash for Sewers program can help qualified home owners with replacement costs.

Also the HOA also maintains the common areas, such as the driveways, hedges and back hill.

Reserve Study

The reserve study was presented to the Magnolias HOA in 2023.

HOA reserve funds are designated sums of money set aside for future expenses, such as building repairs or replacements.

Under Consideration

These projects have been discussed as possibly necessary or requested by the board and/or home owners.

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Link to proposal from 2022 Board Meeting.

The Magnolias

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Financial Report

The HOA maintains liability insurance on the areas we own in common (the driveways and hillside), as well as Directors and Officers insurance. HOA members and Magnolia residents maintain their own insurance of their .properties/residence.

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Board terms are stated in the bylaws and elections are held at the annual meeting.

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Articles of Incorporation (here)

Code §§ 7130-7135.) Though corporate status is not required, associations incorporate to avail themselves of certain legal protections afforded to corporations under California law.

These documents are required to be provided by the seller to the buyer according to Civil Code Section 4525: » A copy of all Governing Documents, including Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, or a statement in writing that the HOA is not incorporated.

When a home is listed for sale, the Magnolias Board provides the listing agent with required documents about the HOA business. Homeowners may also refer their listing agent to this website to download the necessary documents.

What is a CC&R ?

CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) are the primary governing document of most Homeowners Associations in California.

What do CC&R's do ?

CC&Rs are contractual agreements that establish rules, restrictions, and obligations for property owners within a particular community or development.

Why have CC&R's?

They maintain property values, protect the rights and interests of homeowners, and can ensure harmony by stipulating guidelines for homeowners and residents.

Helpful contacts (optional)...

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Suggested directory to websites for various emergency services.

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Take a moment to get familiar with the map. Know your environment and your home's exit strategy.

Contact List

The most important step you can take to get through times of disaster and stress is to connect. Neighbors who know each other will help each other when there is a need.

Board Members: July 2023

The Magnolias is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board members typically are residents of the HOA but residency is not a requirement to serve on the HOA Board. Owning a home at The Magnolias is not a requirement for serving the Board.

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Susan Stieglitz


Vice President

Akiko Takeshita


Richard Marshall


Susan Ives


Shelley Perry


Selby Walker + Justin Petitpas

HOA Architectural Review

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Before putting together a proposal, homeowners should become familiar with their HOA’s architectural guidelines.


  1. Write Any changes to the exterior of the home must be approved by the HOA before construction begins.
  2. Proposed changes must comply with all local building codes and regulations.
  3. Homeowners must submit detailed plans and specifications outlining the proposed changes.

Thank you for helping to make our community a place to come home to.

The Magnolias

Get involved!

Together, we make a community.


(650) 387-8660